Amazon Web Services (AWS) Becomes Technology Partner To VeCarbon, Enabling (Inter)National Scale Carbon Management Services

2022-05-09 20:29
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Following the launch of Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd., the company behind VeCarbon, the VeChainThor public blockchain began an exciting new chapter on its mission to deliver blockchain-based carbon management services for countries and ultimately, continents.

In the second half of 2021, VeCarbon piloted multiple successful use cases for its technology across a variety of industries and application scenarios. With colossal volumes of data expected to be generated from the platform in the years ahead, VeCarbon inevitably requires large-scale storage and analytics solutions. Accordingly, we are delighted to share that Amazon Web Services has become a Technical Partner, helping enable VeCarbon’s grand ambitions.

VeChain’s Low Carbon Ecosystem, first introduced in 2018

What follows is a case study recently published by Amazon Web Services about VeCarbon. With their assistance, technical guidance and established, robust cloud service platform, VeCarbon will be able to deliver the scale, analytical capability and security needed to deliver a national-scale, multi-industry carbon management platform.

The original case study can be found here: Some text has been slightly edited for brevity.

AWS Case Study: VeCarbon — Business needs and challenges

In September 2020, China set out stringent carbon emissions targets, namely the dual carbon goals of “carbon peaking” by 2030 and “carbon neutrality” by 2060. With this goal in mind, companies have had to address their existing business models and seek to reduce their carbon footprints using technological means.

Founded in 2021, VeCarbon focuses on building carbon-neutral digital infrastructure using blockchain technology and providing trusted carbon emission MRV solutions. VeCarbon features a professional carbon asset development and management team with a great deal of experience providing carbon asset management services for enterprises, governments, factories and more.

Additional team expertise includes backgrounds in carbon verification, national greenhouse gas inventory compilation, national CCER project development, national and Shanghai standard carbon calculation and a plethora of published SCI articles in top international journals.

By combining industry experience and [VeChainThor’s] blockchain technology, the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS platform aims to help governments, enterprises and financial institutions achieve low-carbon transformation, comprehensively serving China’s carbon neutrality goals, as well as meeting global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An example overview how of the carbon management system looks applied to a supply chain

Requisites For National Adoption

For start-ups such as Shanghai Tanlian [VeCarbon], there are large obstacles to building a comprehensive national SaaS service across diversified business scenarios and industries while effectively covering Internet of Things (IoT), big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

The first, most glaring need is that of computing power. Standardized carbon products face massive multi-source real-time and quasi-edge access needs. In addition, carbon querying and other products require a vast amount of calculation, requiring versatile computing and processing capabilities.

The second, but equally critical aspect is security and stability. By providing these services to enterprise users, storage and data security become vital topics for consideration.

“Enterprise customers attach great importance to the privacy and security of data. While helping these customers analyze carbon data, we also need to protect the customer’s information security.” said Gong Diyun, Executive Director of Shanghai Tanlian’s business strategy.

Finally, carbon management services require powerful and effective data analytics to transform them into valuable business insights. In order to build a carbon management SaaS system that serves multiple industries and diverse scenarios, Shanghai Tanlian needs to find a reliable cloud service provider as technology partner.

Why Amazon Web Services

After a comprehensive survey of cloud service providers, VeCarbon and AWS agreed to establish a technical partnership and build the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system. But why?

Powerful computing platform with full compliance

To provide enterprise customers with a reliable carbon emission management system, data security and compliance are the key considerations for cloud infrastructure.

AWS is renowned for its compliance and data encryption capabilities, with powerful security features that provide users of the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system with unmatched cloud security.

AWS maintains a good cooperative relationships with Intel and AMD, ensuring adequate computing power options as well as Amazon Graviton2 instances based on ARM architecture, more than meeting the needs for carbon inventory data analysis.

Rich IoT services and solution delivery experience

AWS provides a wealth of modern technology services such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart warehouses and advanced architectures/solutions, verified by users across many industries.

AWS’s reach and technical experience allows VeCarbon’s carbon management SaaS system to quickly connect with customers’ existing systems, simultaneously allowing Shanghai Tanlian’s technical team to integrate their accumulated blockchain technology experience with AWS’ mature IoT services and SaaS architecture. AWS and VeCarbon combine to build cloud-to-edge smart carbon management IoT applications, together, realizing data-driven innovation across the growing carbon sector.

Shared Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Philosophy

Amazon holds sustainable development as a key objective of its global business. In 2019, Amazon joined hands with more than 200 countries to launch the “Climate Declaration” and is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

“AWS’s approach to carbon neutrality aligns well with our development philosophy, including the use of renewable energy in cloud infrastructure and efforts to help customers calculate the environmental impact of workloads on the cloud through the launch of a carbon footprint tool.” Gong Diyun, said. “AWS’ research in the field of low-carbon technology has always held a leading position in the world. We firmly believe that cooperation with AWS can better improve the level of domestic carbon-neutral technology services.”

Carbon Management — Real World Results

The VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system is already beginning to serve an variety of industries including cement, building materials, food and beverage, agriculture and transportation. Industrial customers are now able to achieve the ‘dual-carbon’ target while also delivering a variety of results for the company and customers.

The first is the cost optimization of the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system with the help of AWS’ flexible cloud services.

“The diverse services provided by AWS can be used on demand, and be flexibly adjusted according to business needs. This method not only helps us reduce business expenses and negates the need for industry customers invest in expensive fixed assets, but it can be deployed in an off-the-shelf manner. This saves time, cost and makes full use of the tamper-proof and compliance features of the VeCarbon blockchain certificate, meeting institution’s audit requirements.” Gong Diyun said.

The second is to shorten the development cycle of the platform and enhance the reliability and security of the service. The VeCarbon technical team can flexibly combine services provided by AWS to build multi-party identity and security detection capabilities, creating a complete account permission system for the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system. AWS’s data and network security practices also provide a strong guarantee for the compliance of VeCarbon’s carbon management SaaS system, meeting industrial standards.

Data Is The New Oil

The VeCarbon carbon management SaaS helps industry customers promote business transformation and growth through the combination of Internet of Things and data analysis technology. The VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system integrates Amazon’s intelligent data lake warehouse architecture, allowing industry users to understand the dynamics of emission reduction through professionally valuable data results and user-friendly charts.

“Multiple well-known electric vehicle companies now work with us. By accessing VeCarbon’s green low-carbon ecosystem, EV owners are able to open carbon accounts or wallets, then record and quantify the emission reduction behavior of their new-energy vehicles. Smart contracts subsequently issue corresponding green carbon points after professional verification.

Ecosystem participants then enable the exchange of these points for goods or services, creating a new marketing ecology that will drive enterprises, car owners and related brands to participate, enhancing brand recognition and customer stickiness .” Gong Diyun said.

VeCarbon — Cleaning Up The Atmosphere

Looking ahead, VeCarbon will perform more extensive cooperation with AWS in the field of sustainable development and carbon management, introducing additional innovative technologies to the cloud. Examples include machine learning technology to provide the VeCarbon carbon management SaaS system with more comprehensive data analysis capabilities.

In addition, Shanghai Tanlian will also join the AWS Partner Network (APN), and by sharing market resources and business opportunities, more industrial customers can use VeCarbon’s professional digital carbon emission reduction tools and achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality”.

About VeChain

Launched in 2015 as a private consortium network, the VeChain Foundation went on to develop the VeChainThor public blockchain, a fully programmable EVM compatible L1 smart contract platform that is adaptable to wide-ranging real-world needs. Supply chain, sustainability, carbon emissions, SDGs, De-Fi, NFTs and more, VeChainThor seamlessly handles it all.

A unique two-token model ensures low and stable transaction costs while an advanced Proof-Of-Authority consensus mechanism guarantees high throughput, scalability, and security with minimal energy consumption, culminating in zero downtime for the network after 3+ years of continuous operation.

VeChain Technology continues to pioneer real-world blockchain applications across the globe with offices in China, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan, France, San Marino and the United States.

Strong independent development capabilities combined with the professional compliance guidance of strategic partners PwC and DNV GL has enabled VeChain to establish partnerships with leading enterprises including Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, H&M Group, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group and more.

About VeCarbon

Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021. Since its inception, it has always adhered to independent research and development, committing to building a digital innovation platform in the low-carbon field and becoming an industry-leading one-stop digital service provider for corporate carbon emission management.

With the self-developed VeCarbon one-stop carbon management SaaS system and professional carbon neutrality consulting services, enterprises can quickly realize carbon emission data visualization and carbon management informatization, helping enterprises grasp Strategic opportunities for carbon neutrality while avoiding of associated risks.