Announcing Top 10 Entries of VeChain Video Contest 2021

2021-09-02 19:00
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Please access the VeVote platform through this link. Choose and vote for 5 of your favourite videos.

Since the launch of VeChainThor in early 2017, the VeChain Foundation has always placed our community at the forefront of our strategic plans. Back in July 2020 we hosted the first VeChain Community Video Contest. This year, we are increasing the prize pool for this 2nd video contest!

We hosted the contest to allow our talented community to express the uniqueness of VeChain and its ecosystem through passion, creativity, and skill. The contest was well received and we truly had amazing submissions.

We are very excited to have narrowed down the 109 videos to the Top 10, and as promised, the final rankings and rewards will be entirely chosen by our community stakeholders through a VeVote all-stakeholders voting!

Presenting The Top 10 Videos
The committee of the video contest hereby presents the Top 10 Entries. The selected works include (in submission order)

The Top 10 nominees should now campaign for their videos on social media to get the most votes and attention!

What is VeVote?
VeVote is an online voting solution which provides an immutable, transparent and decentralized platform for voting. The voting is done via VeVote smart contracts and the results are recorded on the VeChainThor blockchain.

How to vote for the videos?
The vote is open to all VeVote stakeholders, meaning, all Authority Masternodes, Economic X Nodes, and Economic Nodes will be able to vote for their video of choice!
1. Be a VeChain Economic X Node or Economic Node holder.
2. Visit VeVote Platform site on VeChainThor Mobile Wallet or VeChain SYNC desktop client.
3. Access the
VeChain Video Contest 2021 Voting Page.
4. Choose 5 videos that you like the most and vote.

1. Ensure that you have authorized the dApp and that you have the required VTHO for the transaction to go through.
2. This community vote opens to all stakeholders who are eligible to vote on the VeVote platform.
3. The ballots are open from 2 September 2021, 23:59 (UTC+8) to 9 September 2021, 23:59 (UTC+8).
4. You must choose and vote for 5 of your favourite videos. Only the first ballot is valid. Please make your choice wisely.

How can we know the winners?
Please note that since this is not a Governance-related vote, there will be no minimum participation ratio for each node category. The final ranking will be determined by the exact number of votes. Final winners list will be announced via the @vechainofficial Twitter account.

Prizes To Be Won
Platinum Prize (1 winner): $20,000
Gold Prize (4 winners): $7,500

For All Node Holders of VeChainThor:
X Node Holder (all tiers) - If you win the Platinum Prize, the total prize will be immediately doubled ($40,000).
Economic Node Holder (Mjolnir) - If you win the Platinum Prize, the prize will be increased to 150% ($30,000)
Economic Node Holder (Thunder) - If you win the Platinum Prize, the prize will be increased to 120% ($24,000)
Economic Node Holder (Strength) - If you win the Platinum Prize, the prize will be increased to 110% ($22,000)

For YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers:
If you win the Platinum Prize, the prize will be increased proportionally to the number of subscribers in multiples of 10,000 until a maximum bonus of $20,000!
Example: 10k subs equal an additional +10% in prize money, 20k subs equals an additional +20% in prize money!
If the winner happens to be both a node holder and a qualified YouTuber, the awards are stackable. This means that the maximum amount a Platinum Prize winner can get is $60,000!

Special note: Content must conform to all copyright laws. Only use images and materials that you own, have purchased the copyright for, or conforms to fair use principle. Otherwise, the Foundation reserves the right to strip one's accreditation or remove one from the final winner list.