Announcing VeChain Sync 2 — Unlocking Revolution For The Entire Blockchain dApp Industry, Enabling Seamless User Experience Across All Platforms

2021-01-28 10:08
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Today, almost all internet users are familiar with the concept of web-based applications, whether email, e-commerce or teleconference platform. Thanks to the development of modern web browsers, web applications are readily and easily accessible across multiple platforms, irrespective of OS or device type.

Blockchain dApps, however, are not so simple. Using dApps can often prove restrictive, forcing users to choose specific browsers to access certain wallets. Users may also have to switch wallet apps depending on whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device, resulting in an inconsistent user experience. Furthermore, dApp users have to manage crypto assets, pay gas fees and carry a certain level of technical expertise to use decentralised platforms. The complexity, cost and awkwardness of current dApp infrastructure severely hinders their potential for mass adoption.

Sync 2, our newly developed digital wallet app, in tandem with key protocols such as VIP-191 (fee delegation) and VIP-201 (DaaS) provide the missing pieces of critical infrastructure in enabling the true mass adoption of dApp technology.

With Sync 2, users are no longer restricted by browser type, mobile or PC usage. Using dApps becomes as simple and intuitive as any other web-based application. In combination with VeChain’s native fee delegation protocols, users will no longer need to manage crypto to pay gas fees. Instead, dApp owners or DaaS service providers can fund gas fees on a user’s behalf.

Put simply — Sync 2 is the missing jigsaw piece that enables a truly seamless dApp experience, paving the way for the mass adoption of decentralised applications by removing all barriers to entry. A first for the entire blockchain industry.

Announcing Sync 2

Sync 2 is the brand new digital wallet developed by VeChain’s blockchain team. It is designed to address the above problems and accelerate the mass adoption of dApps built on the VeChainThor public blockchain by creating a truly seamless user experience irrespective of OS or device:

  • Sync 2 is designed to work with all mainstream web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox, etc), allowing dApps to be accessed by ever-greater numbers of users
  • It can be installed as a local app on your desktop or mobile device, or used simply as a web application with no installation requirement, providing maximal flexibility and consistent user experience

How Sync 2 Looks

The following animation illustrates how Sync 2 may interact with dApps in practice. Whenever a dApp requests its user to sign a transaction, it will automatically invoke the Sync 2 wallet app to pop up from the background and let the user sign the transaction.

Note that if the dApp does not find the existence of a local Sync 2 app, it will try to run Sync 2 as a web application, or more specifically, a single page application (SPA). Simply speaking, there will be a pop-up web page that loads and runs Sync 2 right away.

With Sync 2, user experience becomes as simple and intuitive as any traditional web application.

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Opening Up Seamless dApp Usage Across All Platforms

The main advantage and purpose of Sync 2 is the massive simplification of dApps and dApp usage. All editions of Sync 2, no matter whether the native app built for desktop or mobile, or the automatically invoked SPA version, are designed to appear and function pretty much in the same way, therefore providing a consistent and comfortable user experience for users across different OS and devices. For instance, if a dApp is built around Sync 2 and is mobile friendly, users can use the web browser installed on their mobiles to access the dApp and have a similar user experience as they would on a desktop.

Connex 2: Javascript Library for dApps to Interact with Sync 2

Besides the superior user experiences Sync 2 is going to bring to us, the VeChain’s blockchain team is also releasing the Connex 2 JavaScript library to make it highly efficient for developers to integrate their dApps with Sync 2.

  • Connex 2 provides APIs for developers to interact with VeChainThor. Moreover, it provides an efficient way for developers to utilize VeChainThor’s unique features such as the multi-task transaction (MTT) and fee delegation protocols
  • It allows dApps to invoke Sync 2 through a simple API call
  • It implements the VIP-201 protocol, paying the way for dApps to adopt the VIP-191 fee delegation service
  • It is designed to be backward compatible with the previous Sync desktop wallet app, allowing existing dApps to upgrade from previous versions of Connex to Connex 2 without affecting their current users

As an example, the lead developer of Sync 2, Bin Qian, shows how to build up a dApp using Connex 2 and Sync 2 with just a few dozen lines of code.

Alpha Testing for Developers Open Now

Starting today, the VeChain Core Dev team has publicized the codebase of Sync 2 and Connex 2.

Please note: Both Sync 2 and Connex 2 are still in the alpha testing stage and should strictly be used for development purposes only, and are not recommended to be used in a production environment to handle live digital assets. The Beta version for general users approximately will be available in Q2 2021.

In addition, if you are not a developer, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used as your daily wallet and fund management tool. Please refrain from using it — VeChain will not be held responsible for any losses for your digital assets in the event of any bugs or glitches.

To experience how Sync 2 interacts with dApps, please visit, you can also try the faucet app deployed on the testnet and begin experimenting. Join our developer community telegram, and our blockchain team is more than happy to assist you regarding Sync 2, Connex 2 integration and other technical matters.