Canadian Sustainable Apparel Frank And Oak Showcases New Collection Traced by VeChain In Its First Experience Store in Asia

2021-12-03 16:57
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Combining style, design and innovation since it was founded in 2012, Frank And Oak offers collections of clothing and accessories for men and women that are thoughtfully designed for urban lifestyles while reducing impact on the planet. 

On December 1, Frank And Oak opened its first store in Asia, located in Shanghai. The downtown Shanghai store in the new high-profile Tai Koo Li mall sets a new sustainability benchmark for retail stores in China, and was designed for both disassembly and re-use. The opening collection highlights Frank And Oak’s most iconic winter products made with sustainable fabrics and processes. These include their unique yak sweater and accessories collection that uses yarns and processes traced by VeChain. The yarn is from UPW, a leading spinner of luxury yarns, and the upstream yak wool source is from Shokay, a sustainable textiles brand that sources yak wool directly from Tibetan herders. Frank And Oak, Shokay, and UPW have all committed 1% of proceeds  from the sale of this collection towards a grassland conservation program in Sichuan.
Customers can scan the QR code in-store to experience the stories behind the style.

Certified as a
B Corporation, Frank And Oak meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and is legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. The integration with blockchain further enhances its brand claim of high standards. With immutable data stored on VeChainThor, Frank And Oak broadcast its intention to ensure durability, functionality and style without compromising the planet. 

Responsible Fashion Manufacturers Embracing Blockchain
With the fashion industry fast transitioning towards products and supply chains with less impact on the environment, there is an increased demand for deep and accurate upstream supply chain data.
That is the reason yak wool provider Shokay chose VeChain in the first place. As the raw materials provider, Shokay teamed up with UPW to jointly provide sustainable yarns to Frank and Oak, who were looking for ways to communicate their efforts in  ethical and sustainable production to their customers.  Shokay and UPW were able to use VeChain’s blockchain technology to provide a turn-key sustainable solution to brands.

Using blockchain as the foundation to build an ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers provides brands an easier way to become more sustainable and reach climate change targets. On the one hand, VeChain's ready-to-use blockchain product benefits upstream providers by easily collecting supply chain data and managing production evidence. On the other hand, by leveraging the data visualization module of VeChain's product, just like what VeChain has done for H&M, COS, and now Frank And Oak, downstream brands are then able to better communicate their sustainability efforts directly to their consumers.

Green Blockchain Accelerate Sustainable Goals
Over the last few years, VeChain has been able to be productive and agile to adapt our technology to better serve our planet. The VeChainThor Blockchain is one of the most sustainable L1 smart contract platforms in the market, bridging blockchain technology and real green entrepreneurship. With Proof of Authority consensus, VeChainThor is well-designed to serve both enterprise users from all levels with its advanced technical features, balanced governance structure and sustainable economic model.

By introducing our blockchain-enabled sustainability solutions, VeChain provides suppliers and consumers with fully traceable, batch-level data and accompanying third party services within our partnership network. With all information available on the trustless data service platform VeChain ToolChain™, enterprises and their end consumers can validate that environmental and social compliance is being met and with the greatest of standards. VeChain’s proprietary blockchain technology streamlines data and information efficiently and securely, mitigating risk at every stage.