Chinese State Media Xinhua News on VeTrust: Blockchain Technology Is Increasingly Penetrating More Aspects Of Daily Life

2021-07-02 11:39
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On June 24, 2021, the VeChain Foundation released news about VeTrust being adopted by local Chinese government. The VeChain-powered COVID-19 risk management system showcased why the VeChainThor blockchain continues to lead adoption of blockchain. Following this, Xinhua News Agency, the official state-run press agency of the People’s Republic of China featured VeTrust on their official news and website.

Below is the translated news article from Xinhua News for the VeChain community. Enjoy!

Blockchain Technology Is Increasingly Penetrating More Aspects Of Daily Life — Xinhua News Agency

By simply scanning a QR code, you can now check whether the safety supervision of public places is properly in place. You can also easily enter keywords and query public information with the government in a hassle-free manner. Not only that, there are issues across industry where original works are being infringed, creating advocacy for electronic evidence to protect intellectual property rights. All of these scenarios are now possible, enabled by blockchain technology.

Today in Suzhou New District, as blockchain technology becomes more advanced, more application scenarios are being developed and gradually being integrated in to various services related to citizen livelihood.

Even without knowledge of security, Luo Tianyue who lives in Xintai Garden in Suzhou New District always has peace of mind. She only needs to scan the community ‘field security code’ and she can know whether security supervision is in place. At present, the urban public safety and health management platform based on blockchain technology is being applied in more than 100 neighborhoods and many commercial complexes and technology venues across Suzhou.

Dashboard Visualiser (Photo by the People’s Government of Suzhou New District)

Project manager Xie Zhenghua said:

“Blockchain technology allows the production and supervision of risk management and safety by providing a complete, untamperable record. The platform is also affectionately known by residents as the community security ‘magic weapon’”.

A ‘one-stop’ service with one-click approval. A platform based on smart government service infrastructure. Xu Yang, a citizen of Suzhou, said that he used to have to make several trips to the police station to move his household registration, but now he can do it in no time.

Jiang Lixin, deputy director of the Suzhou New District Economic Development Commission said that ‘smart government’ had broken down information barriers between departments, all thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain enables capabilities such as traceability, openness and transparency and has eliminated problems associated with data sharing between departments.

The picture shows that, through blockchain, the Suzhou New District Government Service Center has realized effective “cross-province operation” for government services in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. (Photo by Suzhou New District News Center)

The infringement of original works is another major concern for the creative industry.

“There is no need to worry in the future, as the management of copyright infringement, aided by electronic data, can be handled through the blockchain-based platform that has landed in Suzhou.” says Wu Che, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shishan Hengtang Street in Suzhou New District. “These platforms can provide electronic evidence and comprehensive copyright services such as copyright establishment, infringement detection and online access to certificates of ownership.

In China, blockchain applications are increasingly entering people’s lives. At the recent Suzhou New District Blockchain Industry Development Summit, ten blockchain application scenarios, such as the blockchain-based comprehensive service platform for smart parks and the shared industrial Internet public service platform were released.

Mao Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Suzhou New District, said that blockchain application scenarios are positioned to increase the output of industrial capacity. In recent years, Suzhou New District has accelerated the development of the digital industry with blockchain as the core technology, and by 2022, it is expected a digital economy with a value exceeding 60 billion yuan will be formed.