Cupids Farm Milk, Produced by Bright Food, Became the First Product to Go Live On BrightCode, a VeChainThor Blockchain Solution to Be Used By Millions

2019-05-18 14:59
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Pic of Cupids Farm Milk Product

On November 9th, 2018, BrightCode Commodity Confidence Index Platform (BrightCode), built upon the VeChainThor Blockchain public blockchain, made its debut at the China International Import Expo. From then on, VeChain has been working with its enterprise partner, Bright Food, to iterate and improve the solution. Today, we’re excited to announce that the “Cupids Farm” milk brand, produced by Bright Food, became the first of many food and beverage products to go live on the BrightCode platform. This monumental step forward paved the way for Bright Foods to integrate the VeChainThor Blockchain into their entire inventory and supply chain use case by use case.

Cupids Farm milk is available in the market

Introduced by Shanghai Xiandao Company of Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd, BrightCode is a blockchain-based commercial ecosystem built upon the Partner Version of the next generation BaaS platform — VeChain ToolChain. By taking advantage of the authentic data collected by IoT devices and services provided by accredited third parties, namely, DNV GL and PICC, BrightCode serves to create a brand new business model that combines the strengths of IoT, blockchain, and third-party assurance.

With BrightCode, companies are enabled to monitor the entire lifecycle of their products and collect data in a real-time, all data collected will be verified and stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain. This process ensures and proves that all products provided to the consumers through the platform are of a guaranteed quality, bridging the trust gap between producer’s efforts and consumer’s concerns. In addition, powered by AI and big data, the authentic data collected by BrightCode can help the companies better understand customers’ real demand, and in turn, facilitates the decision-making process.

After scanning the QR code on the bottle, users will be directed to BrightCode platform, where they’ll be presented with the key data in the lifecycle of that bottle of milk, such as where it was produced, the environment of the dairy farm, the production techniques adopted, and more. With DNV GL, an accredited certification body’s verification of the source data and tamper-proof blockchain technology, we can rest assured that all data stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain is authentic, and in turn prove to the consumers that what they see is what they get.

Bright Code Index of Cupids Farm Milk

In the future, BrightCode will be further promoted to other application scenarios outside of food and beverage to industries such as auto parts and healthcare. Combining the strengths of blockchain and the resources of the third-party certification body, real economy sector enterprises, and insurers, BrightCode contributes to solving the trust issue in consumer relations, be it arising from information asymmetry, insufficient data or lacking regulation. With BrightCode, we can restore trust and build a new business ecosystem where every stakeholder profits and complements each other.

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  • Have your own bottle of “Cupids Farm” milk and try out the Bright Code Commodity Confidence Index Platform

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