Esprezzo — A VeChainThor Platform Solution for Quickly Building Blockchain-Based Applications

2018-06-20 10:39
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Esprezzo provides developers, enterprises and organizations easier, more elegant ways to quickly build blockchain-based, decentralized apps (Dapps) that communicate with, off-chain business data so they can realize the benefits of blockchain technology in the real world, thereby improving efficiencies and creating value.

“VeChain is one of the most loyal, dedicated and active communities I’ve encountered. While attending a VeChain meetup at Blockchain Week in New York, I was struck by the energy and excitement of the VeChain community. The Esprezzo team and I are proud to partner with the VeChain Foundation in our collective vision to bring the benefits of blockchain to everyone.”

— Remy Carpinito, CEO of Esprezzo

The Esprezzo platform will aggregate data from multiple blockchains, smart contracts, legacy databases, oracles and various external sources to a unified API which provides everything needed to write applications for the next generation of the web.

Esprezzo’s tools include SDKs, REST and GraphQL interfaces, API services to provide access to the leading public and private blockchain networks, a library of easy-to-deploy smart contracts, convenient access to real world data via oracles and more. Their abstract/aggregate data tier is a consensus-based, peer-to-peer network protocol that includes a distributed ledger, a fabric of domain-specific sidechains, and a crypto-token with extremely high transaction speeds. The platform dashboard will provide visibility into Dapp adoption and performance.

Read the Esprezzo Teaser Here

Esprezzo’s EZPZ tokens will be used to validate transactions on the platform. Tokens can be used for abuse mitigation and value transfer utility. In addition, EZPZ tokens will serve as an abstraction to acquire resources on various platforms they integrate with. EZPZ Tokens will be minted and run on the VechainThor Platform, requiring VTHO to function.

Esprezzo has pledged to raise at least 50% of token sale funds in VET. Esprezzo has pledged to hold VET throughout the project’s development, and only utilize VET for funding in the event all other financial resources are exhausted.

The max supply of EZPZ tokens will be 5B tokens. This round of issuance will be separated into 3 tranches: the private round currently in progress, the VeChain Foundation round for X Node holders, and the public round. The private sale combined with the ICO is hard capped at 30% of total supply. The exact ratio of VET to EZPZ tokens for distributions will be announced at a later date.

This announcement serves as an introduction of the partnership between Esprezzo and VeChain. VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu, will serve as strategic advisor.

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