Fenbushi Announce Their Sponsorship Of The VeChain Hackathon!

2022-05-09 19:33
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The VeChain Foundation is delighted to announce that Fenbushi Capital will sponsor the ongoing VeChain Hackathon. The hackathon was launched with the intent of strengthening developer tooling for the ecosystem, optimizing the developer environment and promoting developer growth within the VeChain ecosystem. Fenbushi Capital intends to support the participants of the Vechain Hackathon through a variety of methods, including financial support, entrepreneurial direction guidance and connections to industry resources.

Fenbushi will provide two expert judges for the final judge panel to help the review process for projects submitted in the DeFi/dApp/Green project/Other bonus track. Their input helps provide a diversified perspective, bringing venture capital insight and helping builders move on further with their projects. 

The Fenbushi judges are:

Kobby Chen, Investment Director at Fenbushi Capital

Before joining Fenbushi in 2021, Kobby worked at Longhash as an investment analyst. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Clarence Zhou, Investment Director at Fenbushi Capital

Clarence first discovered cryptocurrency in 2015 while in college. At Fenbushi Capital, Clarence focuses on finding early-stage, long term investment opportunities in the NFT and CeFi markets. 

Before joining Fenbushi in 2021, Clarence had over four years of experience in private equity and consulting in China. Clarence graduated from Lafayette College in 2017 with a dual degree in Economics and Film & Media Studies.

VeChain - The Blockchain For The Real Economy 

Fenbushi had this to say on their sponsoring of the VeChain Hackathon:

“As an early investor in Vechain, Fenbushi Capital has assisted in, and witnessed the continued development of Vechain and its expanding global influence. 

Since its inception, Vechain has committed itself to empowering real-world initiatives with blockchain technology, covering diverse industries from supply chain, carbon emissions, medicine, energy and sustainable development to DeFi, NFTs and other emerging fields. 

VeChain uniquely combines blockchain technology with industrial applications, giving it exceptional future prospects based on developing technological trends. We expect Vechain to continue supporting and cultivating outstanding developers and entrepreneurial talent within the industry - values that resonate with the philosophy of Fenbushi Capital.

We will continue to maintain long-term support for the Vechain ecosystem in the future and look forward to seeing what they will deliver in the years ahead.”

Industry Experts - Fenbushi

We’re extremely grateful and pleased to welcome Fenbushi to the VeChain Hackathon as sponsors and judges - their expertise will invariably prove invaluable in the judging process. In addition, we are grateful for their long term and ongoing support over many years. Together, Fenbushi and Vechain will continue to drive innovation and create meaningful change with blockchain technology.

About Fenbushi

Fenbushi Capital is the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia. Founded in Shanghai in 2015 by veterans across both blockchain and traditional financial industries, it has supported over 80 leading projects across four continents, leveraging blockchain technology to reshape myriad industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and consumer goods. Fenbushi’s mission is to drive healthy and sustainable growth in the global blockchain ecosystem and actively works as a long-term strategic partner to its portfolio projects.

About VeChain 

Launched in 2015 as a private consortium network, the VeChain Foundation went on to develop the VeChainThor public blockchain, a fully programmable EVM compatible L1 smart contract platform that is adaptable to wide-ranging real-world needs. Supply chain, sustainability, carbon emissions, SDGs, De-Fi, NFTs and more, VeChainThor seamlessly handles it all. A unique two-token model ensures low and stable transaction costs while an advanced Proof-Of-Authority consensus mechanism guarantees high throughput, scalability, and security with minimal energy consumption, culminating in zero downtime for the network after 3+ years of continuous operation. 

VeChain Technology continues to pioneer real-world blockchain applications across the globe with offices in China, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan, France, San Marino and the United States. Strong independent development capabilities combined with the professional compliance guidance of strategic partners PwC and DNV GL has enabled VeChain to establish partnerships with leading enterprises including Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, H&M Group, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group and more.