Funding support for projects that benefit the VeChain ecosystem
 Up to 30K USD 
VeChain Foundation grant provides funding support for projects that add sustainable value to the VeChain ecosystems. Projects building blockchain applications, developer tools and infrastructures are all eligible for applying for the grant
The grant is designed to fund community projects or startups who typically do not have sufficient funding sources, and it aims to help build your technology and capacity for the next stage
If a project is accepted, a grant of 3K - 30K USD will be allocated based on the assessment of its technical and social merits, while exceptions can be made in individual cases. The grant is typically paid in tranches based on mutually agreed milestones
Grant Criteria
Projects benefit the whole VeChain ecosystem rather than one single entity
Projects use the blockchain technology to solve real world economic problems and create business value

Projects focus on improving user experiences and target at the broader mass beyond the crypto community
Projects create open source infrastructural solutions and developer tools that benefit other ecosystem builders
Projects contribute to the VeChainThor public blockchain code base for enhanced security, scalability and interoperability
Projects that deemed as not ready for the grant from product and team perspectives may be deferred to the idea boost bounty, and projects can re-apply at a later stage

Projects raised funds through a token sale or are currently seeking investments are not eligible, however, we do not limit project's option to do token sale or fundraising in the future

The grant does not construct any official endorsement from VeChain to the developed application, its team, or the security related to the use of the application
Step 01/
Submit your grant application
Step 02/
Preliminary evaluation
Step 03/
Reach out for interviews
Step 04/
Milestone setting
Step 05/
Final evaluation notification