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The VeChain Grant Program provides developers / researchers with unique opportunities to join its  ecosystem to build and create values around its abundant and fast-growing community. The program is designed to be systematic, efficient and transparent, and covers a wide range of topics including application development, tools & infrastructure and blockchain-related research.

$ 1 Million
For 2021

$ 30,000
Up to $ 30,000 for each application

50% extra bonus for Economic X Node



The VeChainThor public blockchain is built for dApps thanks to its excellent security, scalability and cost efficiency. The protocol adopts unique features such as the multi-task transaction, fee delegation and Sync wallet that allow developers to build a much user-friendly dApp.

The grant program encourages developers to take advantage of the technical excellence and bring applications (e.g., NFT, DeFi, DAO, identity management, social media, etc) that can have a significant impact on our community and ecosystem to #CreateValuableTransactions.

Dev Tools & Infrastructure

In addition to applications and use cases, the grant program also focuses on the development of tools and infrastructure that allow developers to efficiently build their applications on the VeChainThor network.  

Focus areas include, but are not limited to, the smart contract testing / debugging toolkit, open IDE and VSCode plugin, Connex empowered frontend SDK / Lib, NFT wallet, infrastructures such as the status dashboard and node service.
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The grant program supports blockchain-related research on a wide spectrum of topics, including, but not limited to, blockchain consensus, governance, tokenomics, interoperability, privacy, layer2 solution, etc.

Efficient and Transparent

Apply on GitHub

Fork the repo and pull request your application.

Step 2
Preliminary review

Modify the application as required on GitHub.

Step 3
Committee review

Make final decisions and update the results on GitHub.
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infrastructure label
The project VeBlock is built to provide public access to the VeChain blockchain. It has already been used by several applications in the VeChain ecosystem
$ 13,800
research label
This project will deliver a detailed and comprehensive understanding of VeChain’s unique governance mechanisms by applying a framework from institutional economics.
$ 29,646
research label
It aims to design a leaderless Byzantine fault tolerant (LBFT) protocol, in which nodes simply compete to propose blocks (containing a batch of clients' requests) without the need of explicit coordination through view synchronization.
$ 15,200
Frame 9 (1)
Digital Village focuses on the fashion industry and allows users to mint NFTs bound to 3D fashion designs. Moreover, it implements the metaverse functionalities for presentation and events and targets users of the new generation with sustainability as one of their main strategies.
$ 30,000
social media
The applicants have proposed a way to construct a social media layer upon their NFT marketplace. The method requires blockchain to provide provenance to all social-media data generated by users. Moreover, it designs a novel graphic way to consolidate data and present them to users for superior user experience. 
$ 30,000
NFT Bridge
XP Network is a cross-chain NFT bridge which allows users to transfer NFTs
between blockchains. By the time of submitting 10+ blockchains have been successfully bridged. This grant is for integrating VeChain.
$ 30,000
The goal of this project is to modify the documentation structure to allow multiple languages to be easily added, as well as translate the existing documentation to Portuguese.
$ 1,800
VeRocket is a decentralized exchange running on VeChain. The application uses Sync2, connex, fee-delegation and MTT features, with a low fee of 0.3%.
$ 22,000
research label
The project will consist of one paper aimed to explore in details the economic implications of the two (currencies) tokens, VET and VTHO, in the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) based VeChain platform.
$ 30,000
Frame 9 (1)
World of V is a NFT Marketplace which aims to top artists, new artists and moreover to be the first NFT platform to adopt Phygital (NFT + Physical).
$ 30,000
Service aims to provide an easy to use service fee delegation service. will provide a signing service for dApp developers.
$ 29,850
Dart library to aid DApp development on VeChain Thor
$ 24,000
This project aims to migrate an existing multi-sig solution from Ethereum to VeChain. The management of the Multi-Sig-Wallet will be channeled into Sync2.
$ 22,400


Standard interface to connect VeChain apps with VeChain blockchain and user.
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