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    Shanghai Gas Collaborates Further With VeChain To Implement The VeChainThor Blockchain-enabled Energy Project

    Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenergy Group Company Limited with registered capital of RMB 4.2 billion, collaborates further with VeChain to develop a blockchain-enabled energy project. As the overseeing body of the pilot LNG management solution in the Zhoushan LNG Storage and Distribution Centre co-convened by VeChain and ENN Energy Holdings Limited, Shanghai Gas saw the reductions in transaction complexity and cost brought by blockchain technology, and decided to...

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    VeChain Financial Executive Report Vol. 10

    With the purpose of fostering transparent communication on our accomplishments on creating tangible economic value by blockchain technology, we hereby present the tenth VeChain Foundation Financial Executive Report, covering the period from Nov 2019 through to Jan 2020.

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    An Open Letter From The VeChain Foundation Regarding COVID-19

    In this open letter, we would like to inform the Community and stakeholders how the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected the Foundation and its operations.

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    VeChain Publishes the First Preprint on PoA 2.0-SURFACE, Further Establishing Itself as a Pioneer In Blockchain Adoption and Technology

    February 25, 2020, Shanghai,China — Dr. Peter Zhou, the Chief Scientist at VeChain, and Dr. Zhijie Ren, the Senior Researcher on Blockchain at VeChain, recently published a preprint paper titled ‘SURFACE: A Practical Blockchain Consensus Algorithm for Real-World Networks’.

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    Announcing the VeChain Foundation 2nd Term Steering Committee Election

    A proper blockchain governance system needs transparency and operational efficiency which enables continual and rapid innovation. In order to achieve the main goal of operating a decentralized public blockchain with the capacity to scale and at the same time complying with regulators, governments and to meet the needs of large enterprises, VeChain aims to improve its governance model with the ability for continuous iterations alongside rapid progression in ecosystem development.