Partner Update and Spotlight Series: BrightCode

2019-07-19 13:10
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Built upon the next generation BaaS platform — VeChain ToolChain, BrightCode is by nature a Blockchain-based commercial ecosystem and commodity confidence index platform. The BrightCode platform combines the strengths of IoT, Blockchain, and third-party assurance to create an innovative business model where every stakeholder complements each other, be it consumer, producer, supplier and more.

Introduced by Shanghai Xiandao Company of Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd at the China International Import Expo 2018, BrightCode has seen its applications in the food industry. In the introduced solution, BrightCode is used to keep track of the entire lifecycle of the products. The first batch of the products to have gone live on BrightCode includes the premium “Cupids Farm” Milk.

Cupids Farm milk powered by BrightCode and VeChainThor Blockchain is available in the market

In this episode of our “Partner Update and Spotlight Series”, Zhe Xu, General Manager of Shanghai Xiandao Food Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Bright Food Group Co. Ltd, was invited to speak about how the VeChainThor Blockchain has brought real value to their business.

With the product data verified by DNV GL and stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain, BrightCode can ensure the authenticity of the information and prove that the products provided on the platform are of high quality, thus solving the issue of information asymmetry and bridging the trust gap between the enterprises and consumers. With BrightCode, we can endorse the credibility of our clients, and help them enhance consumer confidence.

— -Zhe Xu, General Manager of Shanghai Xiandao Food Co. Ltd

Read the excerpt of the full video interview below:

Q: On the first anniversary of the launching of the VeChainThor Blockchain mainnet, do you have anything to say to VeChain?

Congratulations on the first anniversary of launching the VeChainThor Blockchain mainnet! We appreciate all that VeChain has done to help us integrate Blockchain technology into the business of Bright Food, a relatively traditional food enterprise, so that we can better keep track of the products, guarantee the quality of the products and prove to the consumers that the food we provide is safe and of high quality.

Q: In which use case did BrightCode implement VeChainThor’s blockchain technology?

Well, in the case of BrightCode, the VeChainThor Blockchain is applied to our dairy products, such as the Cupids Farm Milk, which is now available on Bright Food Suixinding (online store). With BrightCode, we can provide a huge amount of information with a lot of details, covering almost all the nodes of the supply chain from production to distribution.

Within BrightCode, you can even find the temperature of each process of the cold-chain transportation. The data shown on the BrightCode platform is collected by IoT devices, which are accredited by third-party auditors, to avoid human intervention and errors. In the meantime, the VeChainThor Blockchain is leveraged to protect the data from being tampered. We also have third-party certification agencies such as DNV GL to verify the data, and PICC to provide assurance for the quality of the products.

Q: What positive changes have VeChainThor Blockchain technology brought to BrightCode?

Basically, BrightCode is an open commodity confidence index platform built upon VeChainThor Blockchain technology. Embedded with the mathematical model designed by DNV GL, the information of the products’ source, production, and logistics input into the system can be used to calculate a reference value together with the feedback from users and industrial quality standards.

With the collected data and reference value, we can better evaluate the products in an all-round way. Empowered by Blockchain, BrightCode is designed to be a comprehensive and reliable confidence index platform, and we’re not taking our mission lightly. We will make relentless efforts in providing consumers with trustworthy and transparent product information.

Q: Towards members of the VeChain community that are interested in this project, is there anything you would like to say to them?

BrightCode, empowered by Blockchain technology, is a product of the joint efforts made by all stakeholders. I believe that being an excellent technology itself, Blockchain will see its applications in much greater scope and make a significant difference to our lives going forward.

Q: In the next stage, what is BrightCode’s plan for VTHO consumption on VeChainThor Blockchain?

We are going to introduce BrightCode to more companies from a variety of industries such as food, automotive parts, medical, and more. With the further adoption of Blockchain technology, BrightCode will also expand its footprints and have more companies and products onboard, which will lead to an increase in the volume of valuable transactions on the VeChainThor Blockchain mainnet.

Q: Why did you choose VeChain?

First of all, the Blockchain technology that VeChain provides is exactly what enterprises like us need, and is also the direction of our future development.

Secondly, we’re impressed by the team chemistry of VeChain and found it nice to work with them. We believe that moving forward to the future, with our joint efforts, our cooperation will yield even more results for both parties.

BrightCode has set itself as a great example of implementing the VeChainThor Blockchain in creating a business model where information asymmetry can be eliminated and the trust issue in consumer relations can be solved.

Looking ahead, VeChain will join hands with BrightCode to further promote the platform to application scenarios outside of food and beverage, such as auto parts and healthcare, thus creating more value for both consumers and the real economy and creating even more valuable transactions on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

*This is the third installment of the “Partner Update and Spotlight Series.” We hope to offer a unique look at some of the implemented solutions using the VeChainThor Blockchain. The range of use cases that these partners are implementing on the VeChainThor mainnet includes energy, supply chain management, retail, digital certificates, food, and beverages. As more and more of our partners and enterprise organizations are ready to announce and talk about their successful use cases of the VeChainThor blockchain, we will continue to expand this series.

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