Proven Case In Chinese Pet Food Traceability Market: VeChain's Food Safety Blockchain SaaS Onboards Premium Fresh Meat Dog Food Brand

2021-09-15 20:15
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According to research, the Chinese pet food market was valued at USD 1,082 million in 2020, and it is projected to reach USD 1,475 million in 2026. Dog food is the largest segment, occupying a share of 53.3% of the market in 2020 on account of the increased population of dogs among pet owners.
As the specialty pet food market continues to grow, Chinese consumers' desires are becoming increasingly specific. No longer are "organic" and "natural" the only buzzwords dog owners want to see; instead, the segments of the fresh premium food have entered the market, while the need for brand trust increases accordingly. Enter the need for blockchain.
To improve data transparency during the entire fresh dog food supply chain, Wang Wang At Home, a local brand originated in Shanghai, uses VeChain's Food Traceability SaaS Service to benefit both from its efficiency and effectiveness.
By using VeChain's Food Traceability SaaS service, the brand has rapidly created their own traceability platform and presents to their customers with the best practices in place to keep their cold chains intact from door to door while meeting increased demand and overcoming the challenges they see as barriers to their success.

Proof of Quality: Build Reputation by Blockchain
Fresh meat is a highly nutritious and palatable protein source for dogs. Staying on top of the fresh food trend while meeting customer expectations are at the forefront in the minds of dog food manufacturers. The key to success is to win customers with trust.
As a premium local brand, Wang Wang At Home maintains a tight operating procedure to ensure product remains at the appropriate temperature during delivery and unloading. Through VeChain's blockchain technology, it is able to provide proof of pet food ingredient claims and quality by essentially telling a brand's story in a trustless manner that is unable to be replicated by any other solution in the market.
By scanning the QR Code attached on the package, all dog owners can view relevant traceability information backed by the VeChainThor blockchain and be assured that Wang Wang At Home maintains a very rigid and standardized program under a reliable hazard analysis and critical control points (AAFCO) management system.

VeChain Food Traceability SaaS - Key To Success
For start up local brands, building a blockchain-enabled traceability platform from scratch is impractical and comes at an extreme cost. VeChain aims to lower the barrier of blockchain application through more accessible and deployable tools.
The blockchain-enabled food traceability SaaS powered by VeChain ToolChain™ can provide food industry enterprises with various traceability functions that are readily deployable, including origin traceability, quality certificates and more. It can also help food companies exploit value via data generated by their own business, and communicate with their customers in the most trustworthy manner, boosting marketing efforts.
Sophie Ma, Founder & CEO of Wang Wang At Home, says, "VeChain's SaaS offering is like an easy blockchain portal, with relatively low cost and high efficiency. By leveraging immutable and transparent data provided by the blockchain, we are now able to ensure our customers that all incoming raw materials are of the highest quality standards and that they have been properly handled throughout the supply chain. It is critical for competitiveness in the current Chinese market."
Yvette Xia, CMO of VeChain, commented that, "In the new digital era, blockchain can exceed its value as a traceability technology. VeChain's Food Safety Traceability SaaS is uniquely positioned to help enterprises to bring the conversation with customers around to a more positive outlook. Easy-to-use standard service enables all brands, no matter how small the business is, to capture value by tailoring approaches to blockchain to their market position."