The VeChain x Nitto ATP Finals Digital Collectible Lottery, in Collaboration with ExPlus and World of V

2022-10-24 22:44
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Recently, the VeChain Foundation proudly announced the launch of a partnership with Nitto ATP Finals, the thrilling final installment of the ATP Tour taking place in Turin, Italy, between the 13th and 20th of November. 

The partnership represents another opportunity for VeChain to grow brand awareness, showcase how advanced technologies can deliver on sustainable development goals and network with global brands and high profile attendees. 

To celebrate the kick-off, and in collaboration with ExPlus and World of V, we’re unveiling an exciting initiative, with opportunities to win exclusive prizes, including tickets to watch the Nitto ATP Finals in our VIP box with former professional tennis star, Flavia Pennetta!

VeBounce - A VeChain x World of V x ExPlus Digital collectible Collection

Ahead of the kick-off for this world-class event, the VeChain Foundation joined hands with World of V and ExPlus to deliver the first official VeChain Foundation digital collectible collection and to launch a blockchain-powered lottery event.

The digital collectible collection, titled ‘VeBounce’, consists of 5000 uniquely designed tennis balls, with varying traits, attributes and rarities, making each piece an exclusive collectible. 

To claim one, users must complete a 15 question quiz consisting of tennis and VeChain-related general knowledge questions. By answering 80% of the questions correctly, users will gain access to a customized landing page and be able to claim their digital collectible. 

Thanks to fee delegation, a protocol native to the VeChainThor blockchain, individuals can mint and claim their collectible without having to own or manage crypto assets directly, showcasing one of the many reasons VeChainThor continues to lead real world adoption. The digital collectible will then be visible via a user’s WoV profile, stored in their digital wallet. 

If users fail the quiz, they’ll be redirected to a specific VeChain Discord channel containing relevant information about the VeChain ecosystem, gaining another chance at the quiz.

Once successfully completed, users can claim a veiled version of the collectible(example below), to be revealed at a later date.

The VeChain x WoV x ExPlus Blockchain Lottery - Rules

To enter the lottery and have a chance at winning prizes, users must own or create a VeChainThor-based address using a VeChainThor wallet (links here) and have an account on World of V. Once set up, users must then answer the quiz correctly before claiming their  veiled digital collectible.

Please note: Only ONE piece of digital collectible can be claimed per address, with each one serving as a SINGLE entry ticket.

The veiled digital collectible will have their artwork revealed on the 27th of October at 6:30pm CEST (4:30pm UTC) during a Twitter Space hosted on the VeChain Foundation’s official Twitter page

On November 3rd, at 6pm UTC, the lottery mechanic will open on World of V, opening to the public with users able to try their luck and win exclusive prizes!

Please note: Only the first 1000 VeBounce holders to attempt the lottery will be eligible to win prizes. Winners will be randomly chosen by a smart contract.

Importantly, all 5000 pieces of collectible are equally eligible to enter, however, only the first 1000 to attempt the lottery will win.

Please pay close attention to VeChain’s official Twitter page  for updates and to avoid disappointment! 

The VeChain x WoV x ExPlus Blockchain Lottery - Prizes

Of course, no lottery would be complete without awesome prizes, and we’ve managed to gather an exceptional pool in collaboration with ExPlus and World of V.

Top prize - VIP Tickets To The Nitto ATP Finals With Tennis Star, Flavia Pannetta

The lucky winner of the top prize will win exclusive VIP tickets to attend the ATP Finals in Turin alongside famous ex-professional tennis star Flavia Pennetta, winner of the 2011 Australian Open women's doubles title and the 2015 US Open singles title.

You’ll join Flavia on the 13th of November in our VIP box to watch the thrilling action from the best seats, making for an unforgettable fan experience!

Signed ‘Phygital’ Tennis Balls x 20 

The next tier of top prize winners will win one of 20 exclusive ‘Phygital’ signed tennis balls. A ‘phygital’ item is a physical + digital object, otherwise known as a digital twin. The physical object is paired with an NFT certificate, denoting ownership, authenticity and origin of an item. 

10 tennis balls will be signed by Sunny Lu, VeChain’s CEO and the other 10 will be signed by Flavia Pennetta!

VeChain Community Prizes:

Starting today, we’re launching a call for artists and projects from within the VeChain ecosystem to contribute to the community prize pool. 

It’s completely voluntary, and we are open to any and all submissions, but we’re looking for community submitted works of art to include in the prize pool! A limited number of artworks will be chosen and distributed to winners of the lottery. 

If you’d like to submit a prize for the contest, head over to the World of V Discord Server and speak with an admin for more information!

Let the games begin

With all that said and done, let’s kick things off - good luck! Start the quiz

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