VeChain Expands the Team in North America and Europe

2019-02-15 16:16
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To match the overwhelming number of inquiries from enterprises and developers in North America and Europe, we are glad to introduce new members to the VeChain US and EU offices, Arnaud Bauer, Dimitrios Neocleous, and Jason Rockwood who officially joined the team in January 2019. As official VeChain team members, they will dedicate to serving VeChain ecosystem builders, including enterprise partners, developers, community contributors, with the connections and resources from VeChain. Europe and the U.S. are strategic markets for VeChain, so the official local team will significantly facilitate the adoption of VeChain’s enterprise solutions and development on the VeChainThor blockchain. In coordination with VeChain’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Zhuang, these team members will follow VeChain’s global strategy to create valuable transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain in their respective markets.

Arnaud Bauer

Arnaud has over five years experience in IT system implementation and management, specializing in database architecture, JavaScript programming, and business intelligence consultancy. Before joining VeChain, Arnaud worked as a senior blockchain technical consultant for a public blockchain project. Arnaud received his Master’s degree in computer science at SUPINFO.

Arnaud will be closely working with the DNV GL team in Europe to facilitate the adoption of MyStory and other projects co-developed by VeChain and DNV GL. Additionally, he will support Jérôme Grillères, General Manager of VeChain Europe, to implement VeChain’s blockchain solutions, provide technical support to European enterprises and ecosystem developers, and keep in close communication with VeChain’s core technical team in Shanghai.

LinkedIn: Arnaud Bauer

Dimitrios Neocleous

Dimitrios graduated from the University of Nicosia and received a Bachelor’s degree in Law. Dimitrios has a strong background in legal consulting, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial law. Before joining VeChain, Dimitrios was an active VeChain community member and assisted VeChain to expand their exposure within the UK and other European countries. Dimitrios has also worked with Safe Haven, providing legal advice and supporting in the compliance of Safe Havens solutions according to legislation and regulations. Joining the VeChain official team proves Dimitrios’ dedication to the development of VeChain ecosystem, the new role will enable him to better service VeChain’s ecosystem builders in Europe.

Dimitrios will also work closely with the DNV GL team and Jerome in Europe to facilitate the adoption of VeChain enterprise solutions. With his legal expertise, Dimitrios will be able to contribute to VeChain’s collaboration with national governments in Europe creating a legislation environment where the VeChain ecosystem can grow organically. Also, Dimitrios will be the liaison between the ecosystem builders and the VeChain team to make sure they can get help and resources from the official company.

Twitter: @_DiNeocleous

LinkedIn: Dimitrios Neocleous

Jason Rockwood

Jason has over nine years of experience in IT strategy, digital customer experience design, application development, and digital transformation. Before joining VeChain, Jason worked as the Chief Information Officer at Oasis Collections, Vice President of Mobile Strategy and Innovation, and acting CIO at the Miami HEAT. His extensive experience in IT services and management skills, as well as his deep involvement in community communications and activities, will significantly benefit VeChain’s growth in North America. Also being a former active community member, the shift in Jason’s role means more responsibility and devotion to the entire VeChain community. Jason is committed to servicing the VeChain ecosystem and facilitating the cohesive growth of VeChainThor blockchain through the efforts of enterprises, developers, community contributors, and VeChain.

Jason will be the official point of contact of the VeChain Official team for North America region. Jason is tasked with spearheading the growth of VeChain’s client and partner relationships in North America and facilitating the adoption of VeChain enterprise solutions. Jason will be working closely with the ecosystem builders to explore the new market, aiming to replicate VeChain’s success in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

Twitter: @jasonrockwood

LinkedIn: Jason Rockwood