VeChain Powers Canadian Company Micromation’s SaaS Platform ‘Truestoryteller’, Enabling Quick Onboarding Of Clients To Blockchain

2022-02-11 21:20
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New digital tools are providing increasingly powerful methods for businesses to strengthen brand identities, service offerings and enable significant efficiency gains across many aspects of their operations.

Canada-based IT consulting company
Micromation saw an opportunity and joined hands with the leading layer one smart contract platform, VeChainThor, to build a standardised traceability tool, TrueStoryteller. The platform aims to harness blockchain’s capability to unlock data transparency and help companies improve their supply chain management capabilities, strengthen brand trust and tell the stories of their products.

David Smith, Micromation’s CEO, is well known to VeChain and the relationship started in early 2020. Micromation was invested to master  VeChain ToolChain™, our off-the-shelf blockchain service platform, develop a comprehensive business plan and client service suite. TrueStoryteller combines VeChain’s incredibly powerful and sustainable blockchain architecture with a standardised SaaS model, offering a variety of rapidly deployable digital services for businesses and clients of all sizes.

Micromation’s client network consists of many sustainability-focused brands that are keen to drive innovation in their respective industries. TrueStoryteller provides the perfect platform to innovate from, benefiting from a solid reputation. Micromation recently onboarded 4 clients across 4 different industries as their first batch, in an operation that was quick and seamless.  

Case 1: Paril Clothing
Apparel Provenance - Understanding Resourcing, Ethics, Sustainability and The Story Behind A Product

Paril Clothing is a Sustainable Streetwear Brand that now uses blockchain tools to bring total transparency across the supply chain to their customers. Paril’s customers enjoy the highest levels of assurance that their purchased products  are both authentic and high quality, meeting the stringent criteria Paril sets for its brand.

Paril facilitates these enhanced customer insights through an intuitive interface built by Vechain, allowing them to showcase sustainable practises. Customers can view aspects of a product’s data trail ranging from material sourcing, businesses involved in the production cycle and its path through the global supply chain, allowing customers to be better informed and more confident about the quality and ethics of their purchase.

Paril enables this unique experience via a metal tag that comes with every item. These tags carry a unique ID connected to the VeChainThor blockchain and by simply scanning the QR code on the tag, users are granted access to a rich story, seeing information from creators, origin, composition, collaborations, and sustainable practises.

Jonathan Hernandez, the Founder of Paril Clothing, said that, "Basically, while I was doing my due-diligence, I was looking for a way to future-proof and present-proof everything. For future-proofing, eventually I’m trying to have everything in house, so I want to keep track of where the cotton is grown, where the fabrics will be sown, cut and sewn, and whatnot.  Present proof, right now we want to be as transparent to the customer as possible, so we also include where the T-shirts are coming from, or any piece that we create, where the item is coming from. We want to also show the customer where these designs are being printed, also where these designs are inspired, so we have information on artists and all that.  Why I selected VeChain, well Vechain seemed to be ahead of the curve, and they seem to be focusing on the bigger supply chain problem that exists currently and tracking everything so that’s why I picked them."

Case 2:VeScribe
Attach Special Moments To Physical Gifts Using Virtual Engraving

VeScribe provides virtual engraving services for fine jewellery and giftware, but with a unique twist. The service allows users to capture a special moment or occasion and permanently embed it into a physical object. Thus, the object becomes a time-capsule just waiting for someone to peek inside to learn about its origin, history, special occasions and unique journey.

The service works by creating a unique QR code for each gift item, allowing the sender to create a fully personalised moment in time, including messages, pictures or videos and capture a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. The recipient of the gift can then access this memory with a simple scan of the QR code and even add additional memories themselves.

Lori Strickland is an Artist, Owner of LucinaK LLC and the Founder of VeScribe. She gave a statement on the business:

"Well as a jeweller over the last couple of years we noticed that a lot of our raw materials, gemstones, diamonds, that sort of thing, we’re beginning to come with a secure sourcing on blockchain. The supply chain was documented, and we were able to know that the products were ethically sourced. We realised that not only did we get this assurance of ethically sourced materials, but we also got pictures of the stonecutter, pictures of the mine, and the journey that the pieces travelled on. That sort of thing was more attractive to us, it’s more attractive to customers, and so we realised that the model on blockchain was really fabulous for the supply chain.

We also knew as Jewelers, that a lot of the importance of an item comes once the sale is made, you know once the customer has the item “what makes that important to them?”. We thought that we could use the same blockchain model for supply chain and use it going forward to tell the customer’s story “what exactly the item means to them”, “why was it purchased”. They can add photos each year of an anniversary or a child school photo. They can tell the history of a family steamer trunk that came in through Ellis Island, and you know put the documents that they have that make it special, and to do that before those stories are lost so that in future generations, these objects have just more meaning instead of you know just the object themselves. They also tell the story of the life that held the object.

We looked at a lot of blockchains and what we liked about VeChain was that it’s a green blockchain with its Proof of Authority which makes it sustainable and low energy cost. We liked that it had a distributed model, the nodes throughout the world make it secure and we also liked that VeChain has a lot of business partners that make it a very stable blockchain. So, we think it’s the most business friendly blockchain out there, the people at VeChain have been extremely wonderful to us to help us get started and we’re really excited to work with VeChain."

The Digitising Global Economy - An Ocean Of Opportunity

David told us that TrueStoryteller intends to help brand owners and enterprises "stand-out by telling their product’s true story to earn trust and confidence." The versatility of VeChain ToolChain™ will enable even more powerful iterations in the future.

Together with more partners like Micromation, VeChain continues to explore scalable growth models, with the intent to empower the tidal wave of digital transformation approaching the global economy.