VeChain Will Attend The 4th China International Import Expo As Industry Leader Of Green Blockchain Technology

2021-10-26 21:27
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The development of trade has been shaped by technological advancement since time immemorial. We at VeChain fully understand that in this modern day, digital tools are the most potent tools we have, however, despite the vastly superior efficiency our digital systems provide, there are still gaps.

As the industry leading enterprise-grade public blockchain, VeChain has been building the solutions to these holes. For years, we have been leveraging blockchain technology to usher in wholesale revolution to contemporary supply chain management practices, with an eye toward making international commerce more transparent, fair, and efficient.

Unrivalled Opportunity To Share Technologies With The Most Influential Businesses

VeChain, thanks to our world-leading and authoritative channel partners, holds an unparalleled profile in the enterprise-blockchain world. Our collaboration with prominent trust providers such as DNV ensures VeChain is uniquely able to showcase solutions directly to enterprises and help inspire their next generation of innovation. Today, excellence has become synonymous with our branding - as such, we are proud to announce that we have been invited to attend one of the most prestigious national events for the fourth year in a row - The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE), the world's largest import-themed expo, attended by a global audience comprising the biggest and most influential brands and businesses.

Thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of buyers from across the globe have descended on Shanghai on three separate occasions over the past three years to explore business opportunities. On top of this, the event serves as an opportunity to enlighten government departments, enterprises, institutions and consumers while helping broaden their understanding of new technologies.

In the first CIIE in 2018, VeChain proudly showcased various blockchain solutions to enterprises and government officials. During CIIE 2019, together with our strategic partner DNV, VeChain announced a tripartite collaboration with ASI Group to initiate the first cross-continental logistics and trades solution powered by the VeChainThor public blockchain for food & beverage industry named Foodgates. The installation was visited by President Macron and President Xi Jinping who both sampled premium VeChain-powered French Beef products. The following year would showcase how VeChain and DNV’s My Care methodology powered the COVID-19 infection risk management for the entirety of CIIE 2020.  

This year, sustainable development has become the most important driver for the national development strategy of China. China aims to have carbon emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. This year’s CIIE reflects this, with emphasis being placed on the rapid need for a transition to a greener economy, and with this drive, has provided many highly beneficial opportunities for VeChain.

An Influential Global Platform

This year, during our fourth visit to the fourth CIIE event, VeChain intends to share its expertise and tools on how blockchain can and will be the driver of green business and the next chapter in the development of smart technologies. CIIE 2021 will not only provide a stage for us to spur impact-driven blockchain innovation among enterprise attendees, but will help us promote responsible blockchain products to important players throughout the world's second-largest economy and beyond.

Stay tuned for more news this upcoming November!