VeChain’s Carbon Footprint SaaS Platform Adopted By Socially Responsible Premium Yak Wool Brand Shokay, Partner of H&M, COS

2021-10-15 22:00
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Due to the massive disruption international logistics networks have faced in recent times, the global fashion industry has been left with no choice but to radically rethink long-established systems and hierarchies.

Shanghai Fashion Week echoed that sentiment, recognising the need for interconnected thinking as a key tool for national and global recovery. During the event, the creative partnership between Shokay and VeChain was given a spotlight by Vogue China, recognising the use of VeChain’s technology as a potent tool to drive meaningful change and resolve many systemic woes.

With sustainability now a core focus of the fashion industry, Shokay chose VeChain's blockchain-enabled sustainability solution to create visibility of its sustainability-oriented actions throughout every aspect of its supply chain and business operations.

Sustainable Development Is The Only Future

Founded in 2006, Shokay, the world’s leading socially responsible yak fabric brand, now has collections in more than ten countries including the United States, Germany and China. With over 12 years of experience developing premium yak fabrics and blends, Shokay works closely with renowned research institutions and strategic manufacturing partners to pioneer the development of the greenest fabrics.

The partnership with VeChain greatly benefits from the VeChainThor blockchain having been recently accredited as one of the greenest public blockchain platforms in existence, while creating transparency for Shokay’s green initiatives and providing visibility of sustainability efforts. Additionally, Shokay is able to directly stimulate the local economy and provide an opportunity for over one thousand households to earn a sustainable living, helping raise incomes and putting local producers on the map. This ethical, sustainable and trustless production cycle drastically enhances Shokay’s reputation in the industry and makes them much more attractive to downstream brands who covet ethical and sustainable production.

Revolutionizing The Fiber Industry with Responsible Technology

Under China’s recent 14th Five-Year Plan, the state has been vigorously promoting green and sustainable consumption and fashion customers are more eco-conscious than ever. As a pioneer in the sustainable fabrics sector, Shokay has been working closely with herders in Western China to implement best practices from combing to segmentation of top grade yak down. Shokay intends to further solidify its reputation in this field and so, trustless and transparent tools become imperative - enter VeChain's blockchain technology.

By introducing our blockchain-enabled sustainability solutions, VeChain brings transparency and trust to brands' green supply chain claims and operations. In Shokay's case, it creates far greater visibility to its downstream counterparts who are heavily focused on sustainability and ethics, especially big fashion brands like H&M, COS etc. Data hashed on the blockchain proves claims of quality and how its eco-conscious products protect and serve the environment.

Carol Chyau, Co-Founder and CEO of Shokay, said, "We believe in considering the impact of the choices we make every day, and these choices are an opportunity to better ourselves. Many organizations are working toward sustainability and poverty alleviation, but few have the power to provide trustworthy tracks that convince their audience. It was a true adventure to connect our initiative with the disruptive technology from VeChain. By joining hands, we are creating a new style with a touch of both humanity and technology."

Yvette Xia, CMO of VeChain, added that, "Just like Shokay, VeChain designs products that are good for customers and good for the planet. We provide eco-friendly technology to enable sustainability-focused and high-impact social enterprises to achieve their long-term goals. With off-the-shelf solutions ready to deploy, we will spearhead the roll-out of efficient and sustainable blockchain adoption across many industries."