VechainThor is the leading enterprise-grade, Layer-1 blockchain, spearheading the sustainability revolution with a low-carbon, highly scalable smart contract platform. 

It is intended to serve as the foundation for a sustainable and scalable blockchain ecosystem.



Our novel Proof of Authority 2.0 consensus mechanism eliminates common blockchain security risks while offering finality and full data quality assurances for users.  

101 globally distributed Authority Masternodes secure the network, balancing the trilemma of decentralization, security and speed. 


VechainThor’s unique features are paving the way to real-world adoption.  
Fee Delegation allows non-crypto users to play with blockchain for free. 

Multi-Task Transactions (MTT) offer immense efficiency, and our two-token economic model ensures low and predictable usage costs. 


A steering committee selected by community stakeholders oversees governance processes and the execution of vechain Improvement Proposals (VIPs). 

Reliable, with zero outages since Mainnet launch in 2018; VechainThor will be the backbone of blockchain mass adoption. 


Lightweight, agile, low carbon.  
Our blockchain is built to address the challenges of the future. vechain’s energy consumption is equal to just 0.04% of other blockchains.  

One year of powering VechainThor is equivalent to almost one gasoline-powered passenger vehicle driven for one year.


We define Web3 as a New Era where users regain data ownership from tech conglomerates and are empowered to monetize their own data in this new decentralized future.
Downloading a wallet could be your first step to the world of Web3.

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Leveraging Blockchain for our Better World requires collective effort, and that starts with us and our community of developers. As developers, you are the lifeblood of our platform, and we are committed to supporting and empowering you. We continuously invest and expand upon resources catered to the many development needs in rapid evolution. Explore our library of Developer Support resources, cataloged to help you get the most of building with vechain.







In a field like technology where progress blazes forward and new frontiers are constantly being explored, research is indispensable. Introducing: veResearch, our global innovation grant to support academic research on blockchain-related advancements, with a particular emphasis on sustainability.

Just like collaboration is key in nourishing a sustainable new reality, so it is in spearheading new academic discoveries. We’ve developed a close partnership with the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford to harness our shared expertise. The technical paper on blockchain consensus protocols we co-authored went on to be accepted and published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 2021. Some of our ongoing research activities focus on building mathematical models for tokenomics and incentivization, with the purpose of making ecosystem compensation more balanced and sustainable. Each contributor brings a different skillset to the ecosystem, yet they also receive different benefits in return. Such compensations may influence the scale and quality of actors who participate in our ecosystem, and ultimately its scale of impact. Studying the dynamics and nuances of these incentives and compensations is instrumental in the successful growth of ecosystems, and in turn, our contribution to sustainability goals.

Likewise, vechain is also a partner of the National University of Singapore. Our latest studies with the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at NUS have been dedicated to potential use cases and collaborations of blockchain protocols for Smart Materials. We are investigating the development of innovative, intelligent materials for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our aim is to mitigate the challenges of sustainable energy through the creation and application of functional, smart materials, which can potentially provide viable alternatives in green energy extraction. Such innovative materials can potentially revolutionize energy production and control processes, battery technology, catalysis processes, machine-human interfaces, artificial organs and tissues, and smart membranes, just to name a few.

Vechain’s partnership with the Crypto-Fintech Lab at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has also advanced thinking on Web3 and blockchain technologies. An incubator for innovation, through the research collaboration, we’ve helped improve education on the subjects and have given students the possibility to have a hands-on role in conducting research and implementing it directly into the vechain ecosystem.


The core research team led by Peter Zhou has 11 registered patents across the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, IoT and Blockchain, Zero Knowledge Proof, Supply Chain, and Carbon Recording Across Supply Chains.

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Research, innovation, collaboration, and a strategy aimed at long-term viability brought us to today as we seek to multiply individual impact to unleash our collective potential for sustainability. In preparation for the Web3 era, we teamed up with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to undertake an extensive analysis of the sector. The research performed has proven pivotal as we fine-tune our approach to bringing our vision for a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable world to life. In the Whitepaper, we present a new paradigm called the Blockchain Biosphere for Sustainability. Through our analysis of the sustainability challenges faced across industries, we developed a framework to facilitate the scaled collaboration required to tackle such varied issues.

To activate our framework, we analyzed the various Web3 features that would enable us to jumpstart our sustainability initiatives. We argue that our layer-1 blockchain, VechainThor, coupled with Web3 features, may provide the scaled solution to measure this new concept of value and tackle pressing planetary and societal constraints, involving every layer of society in the process.

Powered by Web3, our framework aims to even out the playing field and empower everyone – individuals, businesses and institutions alike – to participate in the development of interconnected ecosystems where every single action is accounted for and its impact is multiplied to benefit all.

As a society, we have attempted to promote a more inclusive concept of value over time, and through tokenization we finally are able to put it into motion. In this new reality, we redefine value to be a comprehensive unit of measurement, spanning economic, environmental and societal factors. We provide some examples of ecosystems we ideated in promising industries to give a taste of what our future reality may look like, but these are just the start. All builders, developers, enterprises, individuals and institutions will own this transition to our better future.

The research we conducted in this new Whitepaper represents the first step in an ambitious project, more research is yet to come in collaboration with advisors, the community, businesses and institutions. In the spirit of collaboration, we remain committed to expanding our partnerships with start-ups, academia, financing partners and developer communities, to systematically promote research and innovation, engage in strategic partnerships and foster co-development opportunities. Together, and with technology, we can leverage blockchain for our better world.

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