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The VeChain Foundation is the curator of VechainThor, a world-leading smart contract platform spearheading the real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

Blockchain is ushering in a new era, and the time has come to take on the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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The VechainThor blockchain:
the layer 1 for sustainability

The VeChainThor blockchain is the foundation on which the VeChain ecosystem is built. Our blockchain offers unique features making it the ideal choice for WEB3 applications.

Proof of Authority

Proof of Authority (PoA) is a blockchain consensus mechanism where 101 approved validators validate transactions and create new blocks with their reputation and funds at stake. PoA is energy efficient and scalable.

Low and stable transaction cost

Using a two-token model, transaction costs can remain low and stable. VET is the digital currency and governance token of the VeChain ecosystem. VET generates VTHO, the gas token which is needed to pay for blockchain transactions.


The Foundation is managed by the Steering Committee, which is elected by stakeholders. Stakeholders include Authority Node owners, dApp builders and token owners . Together they determine the direction of the VeChain ecosystem.

Build for mass adoption

The VeChainThor blockchain has been running stable since 2018 with zero downtime. Thanks to its PoA consensus mechanism the blockchain is capable of handling over 10.000 transactions per second.


Our developer documentation is designed to give projects wanting to build on VeChain everything they need to get started.

Our grant program is aimed at teams that want to turn their Web3 idea into reality. We can provide guidance, exposure as well as financial support.

Trusted by the worlds leading


Real-world adoption of blockchain technology is what we do. And on this journey, we have partnered up with some of the leading innovators in their respective industries.

Consumers across the world use VeChain powered solutions on a daily base.

Starting with Traceability, our offering was a trusted, distributed business ecosystem platform to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration and high-speed value transfers. After that came Enterprise Application, where we strove for greater ease of adoption and enabled established businesses to leverage blockchain technology to create value and solve real-world economic problems.

In the course of development though, we grew our ambition. We believe our scope of impact can expand far beyond enterprises, to all levels of society, tackling issues far broader than mere economic problems. This led us to the Sustainability phase we are in today. Collective global action is the only means to address humanity’s greatest challenges. Blockchain has the power to transform individual actions into collective steps to incentivize cooperation and change our perception of value for the better. Along our journey, we’ve developed the tech infrastructure and the needed cross-industry partnerships to build momentum and empower everyone to join the movement, protecting our shared world and unleashing our collective potential.

To tackle sustainability challenges and cultivate trust, we have to break down barriers, nurture collaboration and promote joint efforts.
Technology like Blockchain facilitates the creation of resilient and interconnected digital ecosystems, where every individual effort is multiplied to generate impactful change.

To fuel these changes, we need a fast, secure and decentralized tech infrastructure. This is where we at vechain step in, to provide the framework necessary in evening out the playing field and empowering everyone to become a valid contributor to our global mission.


Web3 provides a basis for trust and collaboration among individual people, businesses and institutions. Sustainability commitments are upheld, claims are substantiated and user data is utilized as promised. The public, secure infrastructure means everyone is held accountable, but also recognized for their hard work and engaged to pursue similar passions and achieve common goals.
We are all in it together for a better, more sustainable world.


Traditional forms of assessment and value fail to take environmental and societal factors into account. It’s time to redefine value to include these in addition to economic measurement. Value consequentially becomes comprehensive and absolute, a true representation of our societal wellbeing.

By leveraging Web3 and our vechain framework, we not only account for this complete definition of value, but also validate contributors’ actions toward our common goal.


Blockchain is ushering in a new era, where people can unite around a common goal and combine their impact. Vechain is a bridge in connecting the physical and digital worlds. Data from the real world is applied in the digital world, enabling people to actively participate in shaping more sustainable value chains and to generate new ways of collaborating. Single actions, both big and small, are recognized, rewarded and fundamental in creating a healthier and fairer world for all.

You know there’s more.
You know there’s a world out there, where you can change our future’s trajectory.
At VeChain, we know it too.
As enablers of Web 3, we’re helping everyone engage in sustainability every day.
By redefining value based on your values, the power is in your hands,
And your belief in better will have immediate benefits.
Instead of just imagining a sustainable, inclusive, equitable world,
You can play an active role in bringing it to life.
But you won’t be acting alone.
Empowered by blockchain platforms,
We’re digitalizing collaboration in ways once impossible.
Alongside communities and companies,
Global leaders and every person around the world,
Together we’ll make food systems safer and fairer.
We’ll improve access to lifesaving medicines.
We’ll drive the auto industry forward with clean solutions,
Give our clothes a second life,
Accelerate diversity and elevate inclusion,
To shape a greener, bolder, better world that can sustain us all.
And this is just the beginning.
We’re building resilient, interconnected ecosystems,
Where everyone will be co-creators of societal-shaping solutions.
By transforming the way we work and live, we’ll transform generations beyond us.
We will multiply individual impact to influence entire industries.
In networks where sustainable decisions add up,
More is finally within reach.

Facts & Figures


Scalability is intrinsically designed into the platform.

In order to promote scalability and facilitate complex transactions, the VechainThor blockchain allows a single transaction to carry out multiple tasks, or “Clauses”, as we call them.

Clauses provide a much more in-depth view of the tasks processed by VechainThor blockchain, beyond the transaction volume.

Uptime since 2018 launch

300M +
Number of Clauses to Date

10 S
Average block time

Average Transaction Cost


The 2022 carbon footprint of Vechain’s blockchain was calculated to be 4.46 t CO2e/year. That is equivalent to almost one gasoline-powered passenger vehicle driven for one year.

Vechain's energy consumption compared to other blockchains​

Powering VechainThor blockchain for an entire year is equivalent to driving a gasoline powered passenger vehicle for one year

Speed and security but made sustainable and scalable, for a digital sustainability revolution.

VechainThor is built to scale. Its powerful features allow developers to build advanced dApps without worrying about variable gas prices or network congestion. We’re significantly lowering barriers to entry with a network built for sustainability – economically, environmentally and architecturally.

Anyone can use dApps built on VechainThor.

‘Fee Delegation’, a feature unique to VechainThor, removes the need for users to own and spend crypto. Build decentralized applications for the entire world and embrace a vast, untapped ocean of opportunity.

How do gas fees stay predictable on VechainThor? Thanks to our dual-token economic model (VET and VTHO) with an infrastructure that guarantees high scalability and throughput.
The first public blockchain to launch with a Proof of Authority(PoA) consensus mechanism. Transactions on VechainThor are validated by 101 whitelisted Authority Masternodes, distributed globally. The recently upgraded Proof of Authority 2.0 guarantees finality on blocks and transactions and enhances security even further.

VechainThor is designed for rapid innovation, boasting an on-chain governance model where node holders can vote on vechain improvement proposals quickly and efficiently, eliminating contentious hard-forks and streamlining network upgrades.


To streamline processes in a public and secure way. Web3 technology powered by blockchain stimulates and facilitates collective action through our Blockchain Biosphere for Sustainability. Our low-carbon tech infrastructure empowers all to take action and reap benefits in the development of thriving, interconnected ecosystems.

Our Blockchain Biosphere for Sustainability creates a virtuous cycle of impact that benefits the platform, its users and stakeholders. As a consequence, healthy, sustainable approaches to business are driven forward, where there is power in numbers.

The road to sustainability is long, but we have an unprecedented opportunity to act on these pressing societal and environmental challenges, while creating additional value for all. Powered by our ever-changing infrastructure and interconnected digital communities, networks of impact will be unleashed.

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