The scalability of a blockchain is directly linked to its governance model. Our adaptable and efficient platform is made possible by our governance structure that models this behavior and is being continuously fine-tuned. We are implementing principles derived from unconventional models – such as DAOs – successfully utilized in other fields to progressively decentralize the VechainThor blockchain platform and render ecosystems more efficient. As one of the most open and transparent public blockchains, another of our differentiating qualities is our commitment to regular reporting and compliance. Just like the transition to a more sustainable world is a journey, so is the improvement of our governance model. Our goal: to enable rapid innovation and development, while meeting the needs of users, the community, fast-growing enterprises, and serving sustainability.

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The steering


Transitioning towards sustainable governance is imperative to our mission and oversight is provided by the Steering Committee, which is elected publicly by nodeholders. The governing body of vechain, our Steering Committee, oversees various functional committees and represents the balanced interests of all VechainThor blockchain stakeholders.

Through the election process, we strive to promote member diversity, and thus to benefit from their diverse perspectives. The Steering Committee constitutes a first step toward decentralization. As we progress, so will the decision-making process, becoming ever more distributed among Biosphere participants.

A senior executive with decades of business leadership experience in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification Industry. His experience includes hands-on involvement in global marketing and sales, global operations, supply chain management, ESG, sustainability and exponential technologies. He is most passionate about leveraging digital technologies to encourage, enable and empower more sustainable behaviors.
Over ten years of expertise in material chemistry and nanotechnologies. His research focuses on energy and environmental issues by developing novel solutions using advanced functional intelligent materials. A forerunner in merging smart materials and the Web 3.0 idea to promote sustainable development. He utilizes smart materials to automate waste management procedures and reduce the carbon footprint of waste disposal.
A senior executive with expertise in business assurance and digital transformation. Throughout his leadership roles, most recently as former Senior Vice President and Global Director of Growth and Innovation at DNV, Renato spearheaded the implementation of blockchain technology for digital assurance. He serves the Scientific Committee of San Marino Innovation and the Blockchain Panel of experts for the Italian Government.
One of the pioneers who started exploring blockchain business applications. He launched the vechain project in 2015. Prior to vechain, Sunny was an IT Executive in Fortune 500 companies for nearly 20 years and was the former CIO of Louis Vuitton China. He has accumulated extensive experience in information systems technology strategy and management, enterprise digital revolution and digital innovation.
Vechain’s Chief Technology officer. Antonio brings technical expertise around Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Innovation. He previously served as the Head of Technology for SDGs initiatives at vechain where he worked to enable the technical infrastructure for the SDGs ecosystem. Prior to vechain, he was Deloitte Global Blockchain CTO & Head of the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab.

Economic Model

The sustainable two-token economic model (VET and VTHO) behind vechain has been designed to develop a non-volatile trading environment, different from most single-token economic models, where the vechain governance mechanism also serves to stabilize token costs.

This model is unique and significant in helping separate the cost of using blockchain from market speculation: incentive and utility are distinct concepts, facilitating upgrades and greater functionalities.

What’s more, the differentiation between VET – our utility token – and VTHO – the token used for incentive and payment – also permits straightforward costs, which takes out the guesswork.

This mechanism facilitates enterprise adoption and generates user acceptance. Maintaining a balance between the two tokens is important, and we are working to calibrate their functionalities in the better interest of all users.

Task Force

As we endeavor to address such a broad range of societal and industry needs, we’ve developed specific task forces to allocate resources where they are needed most, and in turn capacitate expedited growth. By focusing our efforts and leveraging resources scattered around the globe, we are building momentum through a common passion in carrying out our mission for a better world.

Our main task forces are dedicated to Technical, Business Development and Governance. They provide specific expertise, yet they all work closely together to benefit both their individual areas and as a whole. Our efforts are always catapulted thanks to our ever-growing community’s contribution.

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